About me.

With a simple Google search, many will say their least favourite subject is undoubtedly Mathematics. I used to share the same fear.

This has changed, however, when I began my undergraduate study in psychology and neuroscience at the University of New South Wales. In my fourth year of the study, I conducted an honour research project examining the psychophysiological responses of emotional facial expressions perception (i.e. anger, happiness, sadness, etc.).

TLDR: Completed psychology and neuroscience as bachelor degree, worked as a science writer, and then went on to complete a master degree in computer science. Love data, fluent in Python, R, SQL. Surprisingly enjoy web development.

The data collected provided me with an opportunity to "look into" the human minds, and it was also an "ah-ha" moment for me to appreciate the beauty of mathematics and statistics. Additionally, having worked as a science communication writer, I realize the importance of data, and realize how we could leverage these previously unexplored, or "under-explored" data, and generate novel insights, and most vitally, utilize it in different areas, either it is science, business or even just a silly weekend project.

These experience motivate me to pursue a computer science degree specializing in machine learning and data science at the University of Wollongong, during which I have slowly (and sometime painfully) skills in programming, project management and data science. Meanwhile I'm seeking for opportunity in the field of data science, and consultant role, I also started this blog to write down notes, or interesting findings of the dataset I've been playing with lately. Happy "data-ing"!