On Facebook, Twitter, MeWe and similar shits that follow

Changing to a new social media platform does not solve the problem. It is only prolonging to inevitable - it is us who need to be changed.

On Facebook, Twitter, MeWe and similar shits that follow

The "MeWe" wave is arriving - yet I am not really interested in "migrating" from Facebook, to these new platforms. People seem to share the belief that a "migration" to MeWe or some other social media platforms will be useful to voice against these big tech and fight for freedom.

At a certain level, maybe. But realistically, NO, it won’t, even if significant amount of users quitted Facebook or Twitter - even if these platform died out because of the loss of active users, we are only prolonging the inevitable. As long as people are addicted to social media and obsessed with the narcissistic self, begging for others’ attention and approval, fear of missing out (FOMO), these big tech/big tech wannabes will still be owning and haunting us in various ways.

Switching to a new platform doesn't solve any problem. The fundamental problem still exists: who make the rules? who will decide what’s good or bad for us? why do we need some strangers' approvals of what we do in real life? We have to acknowledge that the root of the problem is us: it is our mentality, attitude toward social media, and our miserable tendency to loom toward an echo chamber mental comfort, or even building an identity tribe out of it that cause the mayhem and controversy around social media. Afterall, these platforms are only tools.

The real solution here, or part of the solution here, is to change how we treat information, politicians, and most importantly, how we treat our lives. Psychologist and the author of bestsellers "The Coddling Mind", Jonanthan Haidt has argued how social media maybe a potential contributor of recent teenage mental health problems.

The bottom line is: if people care so much about freedom, it maybe a good idea to actually GTFO from the screen (or social media, more specifically), and spend more time reading, talking to real people. It is ridiculous to expect a simple switch to a new platform will miraculously get our shit solved. It can't, and never will.

Quitting Twitter or Facebook could be a strong statement to big tech - but it is not strong enough to solve the real issue and its impact toward to the real world. If we naively think that’s the solution, we are obviously the part of the damn problem.

Disclaimer: I don’t think I can move on from social media anytime soon, so yes, I’m also part of the problem.